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Which Book Would You Be?

Ray Bradbury was a wonderful, inventive writer who wove his magic using deceptively simple language. Along with many others, Fahrenheit 451 was my favourite. Bradbury wrote about a society where books were burned and the only way people had of keeping the words alive was for each become the living embodiment of a book; by walking around and reciting the words from memory, literature was kept alive.

My friend, Boston based publicist Sandra Goroff, asked on her facebook page which book you would choose to embody should our society decline in the was Bradbury describes and with her blessing, I’d like to ask you the same question.

Which book would you be?

Personally, I find it a very difficult decision. There are so many books which have touched and changed me that choosing just one is almost impossible. But I think it would have to be Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell which I reviewed here. It’s one of the most intelligent, beautiful and life-affirming stories I have ever read.

It’s over to you now. As our own small tribute to Mr. Bradbury, please share which book you would be, and why.


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8 thoughts on “Which Book Would You Be?

  1. I’d pick Five Get Into A Fix by Enid Blyton. I was addicted to her books when I was younger, I love the adventure in them.

  2. I’d be the collected works of Beatrix Potter, obviously (although she missed out otters altogether, the eejit!)
    There is a lot of wisdom in those wee tales if you look a little deeper – how to behave towards others, how to see your own life and what could happen if you allow things to go to your head.

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