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Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories

As part of this year’s National Flash Fiction Day celebrations, the lovely and talented Rachel Carter set up a blog to find the best flash fiction written by the people of the West Country. As a result of this brilliant project, Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories, an anthology of the best stories submitted, was produced.

Like most anthologies, not every story is going to appeal to every reader. There were some I didn’t particularly care for, but I have to say that these were in the minority. There is a real skill to writing such short pieces of prose and leaving the reader satisfied and almost every writer here achieved that perfectly. I loved Kissing Frankenstein, a beautiful tale of memory and a scandalous past, and Polishing The Air, a fabulous tale about making our lives shiny. My two favourites in the collection are Almost by Martha Williams and Lop by Rachel Carter. Each story consists of only one sentence, but that sentence says more than many writers would take many thousands of words to say.

If you haven’t given flash fiction much thought before, Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories is a great place to begin.


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