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Prizes, Jobs and Nick Knowles.

It’s been a while, I know, and I have all kinds of excuses but no good reasons. Anyhoo, this is a ‘catch-up’ kind of post, so bear with me.*

Firstly, I came third in the FlashBang Fiction Competition and you can read my prize winning story, ‘The Magician’, here.

Secondly, I have a job. Yes, I am now employed on a part time basis with Blockbuster and I LOVE it! I work with a great team and my boss is lovely and I get to enthuse about films. It would only be better if I were to work for Waterstones or an independent book seller (of which there are none in my area).

Thirdly, doesn’t Nick Knowles look like Sid James?


*I had to check on twitter whether it was ‘bear’ or ‘bare’ (I have my stupid head on today) and I got this reply from Karen Wilde aka @wildelycreative. “I’d suppose it depends on mood-lighting and Luther Vandross….…”


Writer, photographer, creative fantasist.

10 thoughts on “Prizes, Jobs and Nick Knowles.

  1. Well done you, congrats on the prize, and so glad to hear you are enjoying your job. I had seen mention of it, but had missed details of what you were doing xx

  2. Hi Nettie
    You’re a joy to read, both your blog and your stories. Well done Nettie! You regularly put a smile on my face. Love Ange (@angebarton) xx

  3. Ah that’s the job you tweet about. Glad it is an interesting way to earn a bit of cash. Congrats on prize. Will now read your Magician. And keep reading your blog

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