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G is for George of the Jungle

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This is the second of my guilty pleasures.

A baby boy survives a plane crash in the jungle and is brought up by a wise, talking ape (voiced by John Cleese). Years later, an American socialite comes to the jungle to escape her overbearing fiance and when George and Ursula meet, they fall in love. Ursula takes George back to the USA where the usual ‘fish out of water’ hijinks follow. And Ursula’s fiance goes to the journal to try to catch George’s pet elephant.

There is nothing smart or clever about this film, but Brendan Fraser plays the innocence of George expertly. And, he’s not hard on the eye either. The humour is of the slapstick variety – my favourite – and comes thick and fast.

George is no Tarzan: he is the most inept and accident-prone ape man you could imagine and when he swings from a vine rope, he’s more likely than not to crash into a tree.


Of course, the film ends with Ursula and George making a home in the jungle together. It also ends with a smile on my face. Brilliant fun.
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7 thoughts on “G is for George of the Jungle

  1. I had forgotten about this movie! I wonder if it’s on netflix, I want to watch it now 😀

    Aurora Celeste

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