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Knit one, print one…

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Mum asked me to find a knitting pattern for her as she has a lot of yarn in the cupboard. I had a look online and found a great site here where I found some I thought she’d like.

Me: Ok, mum, I’ve found a couple and I’m downloading them now.

Mum: What?

Me: I found patterns online and I’m downloading them onto my computer now.

Mum: *puzzled face* Really? And I’ll have them to knit?

Me: Yes, mum.

Mum: Do they come out the side of the computer? It’s an awful wee thing to have a knitting pattern inside it.

Me: No, I print it out in my study, on the printer.

Mum: How does it get in the printer then?

Me: It’s just… You plug in…There’s a file….

Mum: *puzzled face*

Me: It just does.

When my mum was younger she was a great knitter and used to be commissioned to knit for the old English actress Margaret Lockwood and her daughter.
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14 thoughts on “Knit one, print one…

  1. I have been organising my old laptop to be refurbed for my mum, she is used to the E mail on her TV, but this is going to be stopped. I was with her for the broadband being fitted and the router. I was getting the same sort of questions, eg where to I get a cable from the router to plug into the laptop? no mum, no need to ever touch that wee box, plug laptop into the power as you would with any electric gadget. Ok, she says, can I use my old e mail name, no we will get you organised with a new set up, but I liked my old one…get the idea. Wait till the laptop arrives, I may flee the country!!

      1. I soooo get this! When setting up Dad’s pc and explaining how to use it, he was writing instructions as I went…this was word for word, just turning the computer on and finding ‘my documents’ took one A4 page!
        They really only use it for scanning in documents and printing them…so the whole pc is really a photocopier!

  2. My husband thinks I’m as confused as that! He’s especially amused when I talk of ‘copying things into the little mousie’ instead of saying ‘left clicked on copy’

  3. There’s a great site for all things yarn:

    You have to sign up for it, but once inside… wow! There’s patterns for knitting and crochet on every single thing you can think to make. There are forums on every conceivable topic, help for tricky patterns. It’s really quite the amazing place.

  4. Your mum would get on very well with my mum. She used to think that someone sat inside the little speaker box at the McDonald’s drive through and took everyone’s orders.

  5. Hi Nettie

    I would love you to put a picture of your mum on your site. I feel I know her! I love your little amusing up-dates. Have you ever thought of making them into a book……?? xx

    1. Hi Ange, I have posted her pic before – if you scroll back through the ‘mum’ section you’ll get there eventually. but I will try and post another one – maybe as a sticky post so it’s always at the top of that section.
      A few folk have suggested the book thing – I just wonder what kind of format I’d use… but thank you so much for reading. I do appreciate it xxx

  6. Awww – long time ago now, my mother dropped into my office (I worked alone there) while out shopping, so I offered to make her a coffee. I’d just hit “print” on the computer so as I walked away the printer sprang into life. Mother shot two feet into the air shouting ” I never touched it. Damn thing’s gone mad!”

  7. So has your Mum knitted any of the patterns you printed for her? My aunts and mother-in-law were avid knitters and my Dad knitted all my school pullovers (had to be navy blue with the Convent’s emblem embroidered or knitted into the top right shoulder) – my Mum didn’t seem to knit from what I can recall, but she was an excellent dressmaker and tailor. I used to knit a lot when my kids were small but wonder how I’d go now – hats off to Nancy if she still has the patience and the skills!! xx

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