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The Devil’s Music by Jane Rusbridge

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I had heard nothing but praise for The Devil’s Music and was keen to read it for myself so I nudged it up the TBR pile. And I am very glad I did. Jane Rusbridge has written a book so full of heartbreak and longing using the simplest of language, yet has created such beautiful prose that I didn’t want it to end.

The story is told from three different viewpoints, 30 years apart. The main character, Andy, narrates part of the story in the present and his younger self, Andrew narrates from the past. The third POV is that of Andy’s mother and, unusually, is told in the second person. I found the switch between child and adult Andy confusing at first until I worked out that each chapter was headed by an illustration of a knot, a different one for each narrator. But after a few chapters, the voices of the characters were very clear to me and I no longer needed to check the knots.

All the main characters in this book are brilliantly drawn and totally believable. By the end they had become real people and I cared what happened to them.

The rope and knots metaphor was expertly weaved throughout the story – the writer has told a tale of families who although they have drifted apart over the years, are still inextricably connected both to each other, and to a tragic event that happened on the beach one summer’s day.

I’m not going to tell you about the plot, I’m not going to quote from the blurb. But I am going to recommend that you purchase a copy and read it for yourselves. Highly recommended. The Devil’s Music is a wonderful book.

You can purchase The Devil’sMusic from Amazon and Waterstone’s.
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