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Mum: I need jam.

Me: Ok, what kind?

Mum: Peach.

Me: Peach?

Mum: Yes.

Me: Do you mean apricot?

Mum: Yes


I was looking at notebooks.

Mum: That’s got a nice batter.

Me: Batter?

Mum: Aye, batter.

Me: Batter? What’s a batter?

Mum: Batter! It’s the batter! That bit there (pointing)

Me: Cover? DO you mean the cover?

Mum: Aye, that’s what I said, the cover.

Me: …
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6 thoughts on “Jam

  1. Nettie,I’m going to stick up for your mum here as I knew exactly what she was talking about when she said the book had a nice batter as we used that word al lot when I was wee.It’s an old Scottish word for book cover. One nil to mum I think, ha ha.

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