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At Tesco today:

Cashier: ‘That’s £29.87, please.’

Mum: ‘£39.27?’

Cashier: ‘No, £29.87.’

Mum: ‘£27.99?’

Cashier: ‘Do you have your own bags?’

Mum: ‘I’m very well, thanks.’

Me: ‘I need booze.’
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10 thoughts on “£29.87

  1. My mother has had hearing loss all her life, and it’s got worse lately, so I completely empathise. I am taking her to Sainsburys tomorrow, so no doubt a similar scenario will unfold …

  2. And I always thought I was an only child! Mine doesn’t find hearing aids of any use. Well, would you if they stayed in the box? Stubborn as a mule. Talking of mules, someone pour me a Moscow one as an imminent maternal visit necessitates anaesthesia. That is all.

  3. LOL! I had a phone conversation with my Dad the other day who is deaf. It was quite clear by bis responses he couldn’t hear us and I felt so sorry for him. I lived in Cyprus years ago and sometimes when everyone was babbling away in Greek so fast I couldn’t keep up, my thoughts used to wander off and I imagine this is a bit how a deaf person feels. Speech invading your mind but unable to make sense of the words so it’s easier to drift off.

  4. LOL! I love your mum and her antics.

    I spoke with my mum today and said something about my dad’s care. ‘Yes, he always has had lovely hair’, was her reply. Then proceeded to tell me about something that happened at her hairdressers. I gave up listening after 5 mins of perm and curl disaster stories!

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