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Tweet Treats Competition Winner

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Thanks to everyone who entered the Tweet Treats competition last week. Jane and I were thoroughly entertained by your excuses reasons for needing your own copy of Tweet Treats and after a lot of DMs flying about on Twitter and copious glasses of wine – ok, the wine may not have been exactly necessary but, you know – we came to a decision.

In third place is Jo McIntosh (@has2bpurple) who said,

“I neeeeeed a copy because I’ve ordered one for my mum and mother in law for an under the tree, teatime christmas present! Now I need a copy before them so I can practice every recipe and be as good at cooking as they are (If Im honest this will never happen as they are great cooks, but a girl has to try!)
Also I must look through every page very carefully to see if Jane has recommended the use of chilled cling film in the book as I know she has recently been carrying out research into the effects of putting cling film into the fridge!”

Second place goes to the lovely Emma Pass (@EmmaPass) with,

“I’d like to own a copy of Tweet Treats because I have the concentration span of a goldfish with memory problems (Look! Squirrel!), so the shorter the recipe, the better. At 140 characters there’s a chance I might actually be able to read it and take it in without forgetting essential steps/ingredients like I usually do! (Squirrel?)”

But the winner is the fabulous Laura James (@Laura_E_James) whose winning reason is,

“My children are fantastic spellers. It’s all the Alphabetti Spaghetti they eat.”

Many congratulations to Laura – and commiserations to her pasta-stuffed children! If you DM your address to @JaneTravers she’ll arrange to have a copy of this fantastic book sent to you.

And thanks again to all who entered the competition or bought their own copy of Tweet Treats. You are helping a wonderful cause in Medecins sans Frontieres.
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