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Catch Up

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Hey, it’s been a while! How are you? Have you been on holiday? You’re looking good.

I feel like you are an old friend I haven’t seen in months and that there is loads to catch up on. I haven’t posted much recently – all sorts of boring reasons for that – so this is just a short note, to be followed by much more regular updates (crosses fingers behind back).

Firstly, my thanks to Monique Domovitch who contacted me last week:

I love your website and you especially gave me a great chuckle when you mentioned everybody’s three-book-deal dream because that was always my dream and I just got it. Yep, a three-book deal with Obsidian, an imprint of Penguin US for a murder-mystery series.
Just telling you so you know, they are not fiction. They do happen.

How great is that? Doesn’t this give us all hope that it might just happen to us too? I can’t thank Monique enough for writing to me to share her good news and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing her every success for the future.

Secondly, Deirdra Eden Coppel –  a lovely writer and illustrator from Utah – left a lovely comment on my review of Drood, thanking me for my book reviews and awarding me the Best Books Blog Award that she had designed.

Isn’t it beautiful? And I am so pleased to know that my book reviews are read and appreciated. It’s always nice to be encouraged and I would urge you all to visit Deirdra’s website to see her beautiful work here.

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and a special thanks to those who bother to comment. Each one is appreciated and encourages me to keep going.



I just got this email from Monique:

thanks so much for the nice mention. I got a chuckle all over again, re-reading it. When I first got the news of this contract, I was in such disbelief that my right hip was black and blue from pinching myself.
Just so you know, I also have two books on Amazon at the moment, and although I self published them, they figured in an important way to get me that contract. Wouldn’t that be of great interest to wannabe authors. Who says self-publishing kills your chances with any publisher? Not me, that’s for sure.
Here are the links to my two books.

I know that I’ll be reading them!
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