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Tea Cup Dog

Mum and I were in the newsagents where a cute Jack Russell jumped up at us, tail wagging happily. We paid for our paper and left the shop.

Me: Mum, that was a friendly wee dog, wasn’t it?

Mum: You want a cup of tea?

Me: No, I’m talking about the dog.

Mum: Oh, I thought you wanted a cup of tea. Look! A white van! And there’s a white car. Hahaha.

Me: …


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4 thoughts on “Tea Cup Dog

  1. My nan employed similar logic one Sunday when Mum asked her where the roast was. “In the cupboard” was her reply. After a fruitless (or should that be meatless) hunt, Mum asked which cupboard. Nan simply pointed at Billy our lab. Ultimate cupboard love…

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