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A Hairy Post

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I dyed my hair this morning and it didn’t go quite as I had hoped. The colour ended up darker and redder than I anticipated. Where I actually got it on the hair. I look, according to my darling daughter, like a badger.

I am incredibly vain about my hair. It is, really, my only vanity. Well, that and handbags – are handbags a vanity or an obsession? Either way, a bad haircut is enough to send me into a fit of despair that will last until it either grows out or I take the scissors to it myself.

One of my pet hates is asking for a bob and it being cut higher at one side than the other. What is wrong with hairdressers who do that? Do they have a problem keeping their head straight on their neck? If they can’t tell straight from ‘up and down like Gourock’*, they should invest in a spirit level, a spirit guide or a new career. If a hairdresser I have previously trusted gets it wrong twice in a row, they are my ex-hairdresser. And if a new hairdresser gets it wrong, I don’t go back.

And what’s with fringes that come down over your eyes so you can’t see? And coon tails? And Jedward?

Anyway, in a remarkable display of LACK of vanity, here is my stripy hair. Enjoy.

*I have no idea where this saying originates but it was one used all the time in our house when I was a child. I blame my mother.
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13 thoughts on “A Hairy Post

  1. For a start, I think it looks nice in the picture, nobody has hair that is all one colour. (So says someone with very stripey hair that people assume is streaked when it isn’t). The rick is too keep moving then it will swish about and the light will catch it and people will just be amazed at your lovely swishy-ness.
    I have a fear of hairdressers, I’ve had too many haircuts that have gone wrong. I have long, straight hair so hairdressers feel that they either have to keep cutting so that you feel you’re getting your moneys worth or chop it into lots of layers. My hairdresser now is great, she listens and when I say i don’t want much off she doesn’t cut much off. I live in (very selfish) fear of her breaking her fingers in an accident.
    But you’ll be fine. They said no to culling badgers, didn’t they? 😉

  2. Nettie – I know exactly how you feel! I hate it when hairdressers muck up one’s hair. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly vain about my hair but when it’s not looking good, it’s noticeable and I hate that. Good on you to insist that the person who does your hair do it correctly. I’m the same way.

  3. Never mind! I’ve had several bad hair days in my time. My mum told me about a discount voucher in the local paper, for a half-price hair cut. Needless to say, it was so awful that I had to go to another, more expensive, hairdresser to have it put right. He said that it looked as if someone had hacked at it with hedge trimmers.

  4. Dear me! Plenty of people would pay good money for that shaded affect! Better than flat, all-one-tone, anyway (she said, consolingly).

    My hair spirals up in frizzy, uneven curls in weather with any degree of dampness. And I live in the Lake District. I am, officially, a Lost Hair Cause 🙂

  5. I love it! I once paid a lot of money to get red & gold highlights and it was the best colour my hair’s ever been. So shush woman.

    My pet hate about hairdressers is no matter how sleek & lovely their own hair is, they send you out with a ton of product and HUGE hair. Like when I got mine cut the other week, I loved it when it settled down but when I left the shop I looked like Tracy Turnblad.

  6. I understand completley re hairdressers, I seem to change on a regular basis as they tend to get used to you so dont bother too much, so then it is goodbye. I think the trick for you to use is to simply say to anyone do they like your hair, its the latest thing and though it is exactly what you wanted you’re now not sure if you really like it………….in other words brazen it out, though it looks rather fetching to me, and as someone else said there are people who would pay a fortune for it!!!

  7. Ooh Nettie it’s lovely and looks in really good condition too. maybe once you get used to the new look you’ll like it too.

  8. It looks nice and it looks natural.
    I am personally terrfified by hairdressers and have nightmares about having someone cut my hair off.
    Last trim I had was about 8 or 9 years ago, when my mum’s hairdresser Guido offered to do it for free, because he wanted to play with it. he did a lovely job of neatening up the ends.
    Anyway, every one needs a little vanity or they’d be simply annoyingly perfect….!!

  9. I like it too. It’s a lovely colour 🙂 But I know what you mean about rubbish hairdressers – very annoying!

  10. Handbags are definitely an obsession.

    Mine is my cooking. I flip right out if something goes wrong.

    Though I do tend to flit from hairdresser to hairdresser, because no one does it quite right.

    I hate those fringes and the Jedward style – yuck. Though at least they can read what’s put in front of them, not that I suspect they actually read it.

    In the picture your hair looks highlighted. Just pretend that’s how you wanted it to look and hold your head high and no one will notice.

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