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I’ve been home from Italy for almost a week now and apart from spewing the few Italian words I know on twitter – bellissimo, pizza, due Peroni per favore – and shoving some pictures on flickr, I’ve been fairly quiet about my holiday. This is not due to some selfless desire not to rub everyone’s noses into the fact that I spent a week in the sunshine while they didn’t. Far from it.

The truth is that since I came back I have felt…lethargic and disinclined to write anything beyond a tweet. I thought travelling to foreign climes, opening oneself up to fresh experiences and sampling a different way of life was supposed to energise one creatively? For me it’s had quite the opposite effect.

Perhaps it hasn’t helped that since I got home I’ve had to deal with no washing machine to clean the caseloads of laundry we brought back and the fridge refuses to dip below 12 degrees Celsius, resulting in food that just doesn’t keep.

Maybe it’s realising that after all the sun sea and spaghetti, things at home are still the same as they were before I left, with all the same obstacles to writing that were there before I left. Namely, myself.

Honestly, if procrastination was a sport I’d be a gold medal winner. I also beat myself up with the old, ‘the new idea will be much better than this fusty old idea I’ve been working on for the past year. What was I thinking?’ argument. I/we have it a lot. Then there’s the ‘this idea is so great I couldn’t possibly do justice to it’ routine. That’s a personal favourite of ours/mine. When did my personality split? Weird.

Anyhoo, I am going to spend some time reading some writing books, some reading books and not stressing about the writing until at least tomorrow to see if that makes any difference to my stubborn inability to get the finger out and JUST BLOODY WRITE.

Thank you for reading.
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  1. I think what you describe happens a lot. Returning from a lovely trip filled with mini adventures, delightful scenery, and food cooked by someone else to the same-old, same-old takes a while to accept.

    Yes, don’t worry about the writing right now. It will show up again.

  2. Do you think that sometimes we just try too hard? I find it’s when writing is furthest from my mind, that ideas take the opportunity to simply slip in … if I’m lucky. 😉

  3. Think its called post holiday blues…….. which we all get when it hits us that the holiday is over and back to reality, the problems we left are still there, and if you a few new ones into the mix……………………. Be kind to yourslef and give yourself a little time to re-adjust.

  4. Seems clear to me that having seen Monkeygeddon, you’ve realised that nothing you could produce would be as good.
    It was bound to happen.
    I’m just that damn good 🙂

  5. I have the same arguments with myself about writing! Concentrate on getting your home environment sorted and something may spark off when you’re not putting pressure on yourself. You’ll write again and I am really looking forward to reading it! X

  6. I agree with Jackie above – post holiday blues can be ghastly. You’re right to seek other outlets by reading. Your muse is still on holiday but she’ll be back when you’ve got the house ready for her – working washing machine and fridge. Then you can kick the old self-doubt demon into touch.
    All the best.

  7. i’m with the others. your muse obviously liked it over there and wanted to spend a little extra time in the sun. eating pizza. drinking wine.
    but don’t worry, Nettie love. all the psychological junk swimming around in your head about fridge, washer, getting back to normality, &c. &c. won’t help with the flow. give yourself time to readjust and your muse will slip back in when you’re not looking – bearing a shamefaced expression and ready to put in double time to make up for the extended absence. 😉

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