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Windaes Twa Thoosan’ For Weegies

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I’ll be away my holidays soon but I thought I’d leave you with a laugh before I go. I didn’t devise this, but it has made me laugh more times than I can mention and I hope you like it too. I also hope you don’t need a translation!


‘Windaes Twa Thoosan’ ®

(‘Glesga Edishun’)

Hoaw, by the way! Micro$oft wants to help YOU in Glesga. Dinnae be forced tae use confusing Englified software apps. Due to be released before the Fair Fortnight, the ‘Glesga’ Ediion of Windows 2000, entitled Windies Twa Thoosan’ ® will hit the Barras.

Feel at ease straight away ! The traditional “Start” button has been replaced with a more familiar term

The “Recycle Bin” has been renamed to something more fitting:

While the “Internet Explorer” now has a more recognisable title:

Nae mair fanny-boy names like “My Documents”. Windaes Twa Thoosan’ tells it like it is:

An’ “C:\ drive” (wits that then?) is now called something a wee bit merr appropriate:

“Yes”, “No” & “Cancel” are no longer used..

Several exclusive programmes have been included with ‘Windaes Twa Thoosan’

[tweetmeme source=”nettiewriter”


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