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Is It Wine O’Clock Yet?

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A recent conversation with my mum that explains my frequent headaches.

Mum got a new book on Green’s Playhouse, an old Glasgow dance hall.

Me:”Do you like your book?”

Mum:”No, it doesn’t have any pictures.”

Me:”There are pictures on nearly every page”

Mum: “But not any pictures I wanted to see. Did they have any CDs about it?

Me: “Yes, they have a double CD of music recorded there.”

Mum: “So I can watch it on that TV?”

Me: “No, Mum. It’s a CD, not a DVD.”

Mum: “So there’s no pictures then?”

Me: “No, Mum.”

Mum: “Ah well, not really surprised. They didn’t have DVDs back then.”

Is it wine o’clock yet?
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12 thoughts on “Is It Wine O’Clock Yet?

  1. The question is – will we end up in much the same contrary mind set at her age? I tell myself all kinds of things about how I will ‘be’ when I’m a grand old lady, (if I make it), but still feel the generation gap growing bigger as the years go by. One of my favourite poems is ‘When I’m an old woman I shall wear purple…’ and I have romantic notions of growing into an old lady with a big sense of fun. Hope it all comes true!

  2. I can completely relate to this! I had the following:

    Mother (walks into kitchen and stares at the wall): The clock has stopped working?
    Me: Yes
    Mother: When did that happen?

  3. The phrase I hear most often from my mother now is “just wait until you get old…”. I have a lot of conversations like the above!

  4. I used to have these great totally mystifying conversations with my grandmother. I am surprised to realize that she has been gone for more than 30 years, now. Oddly, when I think about those conversations now, they make more sense.
    I’ ll have a little of that wine, if you don’t mind…

  5. My mother is 82 and will be living with us when we move. She’s pretty quick, but there are times… She used to like to watch “Law and Order” SUV, but it had “too much sex and violence”. We’ve been telling her that for years!

    1. I say this with love and respect, but I brought my mum to live with us and it was the biggest mistake I’d ever made. She was here for 3 years and it was hell on earth. I love her dearly, but – and there is a long history – living with her made me want to kill her. Three times daily. I wish you luck with your mum and hope your experiences are totally different from mine. x

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