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Why I Don’t Fancy George Clooney

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When I was little girl, my first crush was Liberace. I played piano and he was the only other person I’d seen on TV playing piano, so to an innocent seven-year old, it made sense.

I quickly moved on to Donny Osmond: in the seventies you fell into one of two camps, Donny or David Cassidy. It was almost a tribal thing and you almost never got a girl who fancied both.

Growing up I had passing fancies including B.A. Robertson and the gorgeous Peter Egan who was responsible for my initial interest in the regency period – did you see him as Prince Regent? *swoon*

But around the age of eighteen I found my lifelong crush: Cary Grant.

I had been raised on a diet of old movies. Both my mum and gran, who lived with us, loved the movies and I can remember watching enthralled by Shirley Temple, Deanna Durbin, Bing Crosby & Bob Hope ‘Road Movies’, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire…. But King among them all was Cary.

OK, I know that he is criticised for only playing himself in every movie, but when you have such a light touch, are such a phenomenal physical comedian, are king of the double-take and look as drop-dead gorgeous as he did, really, is that a problem?

I had a wall of my bedroom covered by framed 8”x10” glossies, procured from as many sources as I could. I went on a pilgrimage to Los Angeles when I was 25, just so I could stand in his footprints in the cement outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre. I named my dog after the character he played in The Bishop’s Wife, an angel called Dudley.

I still remember when he died. It was a Sunday and mum came through to wake me up. I just looked at her face, and I knew he had gone. The rest of the day was spent in tears, receiving calls of condolence from friends.

The truth is that while I adored Cary Grant, virtually worshipping the ground he walked on, I didn’t ‘fancy’ him. What I felt went way beyond that. Yeah, I know. I needed to get a life.

So, twenty years later along comes George Clooney who looks really quite like Cary. I mean, those eyes, that smile….. but I don’t fancy him. He just looks too much like Cary Grant to be fanciable.

Am I mad or is there anyone else out there who understands what I mean?
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11 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Fancy George Clooney

  1. I can partially sympathise, I don’t fancy George Clooney either. But not because of his resemblence to Cary Grant – I don’t fancy him because he *twinkles*. He’s got that look that says ‘I’m gorgeous, aren’t I? But because I’m nice, I’m prepared to talk to you.’ And I don’t need that kind of patronisation, thankyouverymuch.

    Or I might be oversensitive. There is that to take into consideration. And anyway, I fancy Tony Robinson. So there.

  2. I’ve not watched so many old movies, but I ‘get’ totally what you saw in Cary. He’s just kind of dreamy…

    But George? Yep, I definitely fancy him. Sorry, but there it is.

    And also, what about Colin Firth? He’s just adorable.

    The truth is there are just so many lovely men in the world. And here comes one now, expecting his dinner :-).

  3. I love this. My mum (who is much much older than you) had a crush on Liberace and then ended up marrying somebody who looked a bit like Cary Grant (my dad.) I actually had a crush on Jay Osmond, possibly just to be awkward as he was possibly the least attractive. But I am SO with you on BA Robertson and Peter Egan – I thought I was the only one!

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