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A Poem For Our Times

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I’m not usually one for poetry, but I wrote this a few years ago when our bins started to be emptied only once a fortnight. This upset me. A lot. It’s written in the Glaswegian dialect, but I think you should be able to understand it anyway.

On Recycling

Poo poo clenny man
Ma bin’s up tae the top.
Ah huvnae room fur ony mair
This madness has tae stop.
Ma fish’n’chips frae Saturday
Ur reekin’ like a skunk.
They’re lyin’ there on top a peas
‘n’ totties, loads a gunk.
Ah clean up efter aw ma dugs
An’ dump it in ma pail.
Ah’m tellin’ you that two weeks oan
They poo bags start to wail.
Poo poo clenny man
Ma bin has room fur zero.
So come oan back tae wance a week
An’ bin man, you’re ma hero!

[tweetmeme source=”nettiewriter”


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11 thoughts on “A Poem For Our Times

  1. I love it! So funny, and I’m so impressed at the dialect! Not gobbledegook like dialect often is- o can actually hear you saying this!

    Brava, Nettie! (to get you in the mood for Italy…)

  2. Brilliant! I have been hearing about the bin collection from my family in the UK. What a poor service offered now.
    Our small village gets a x2 weekly collection. If it falls on a bank holiday, no problem. Christmas day? Bins are still emptied. We pay approx £89 per year…yes, year for this service.

  3. Love the poem and I only needed a few assistances from translation services;-) I can’t beat Glynis Smy but I must say we have weekly collections here in Leicester UK and they collect a recycling box weekly too.

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