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In the best spirit of Cosmo, the Jacky and many other teenage magazines, I thought we’d have a fun quiz to see what genre you should be writing in. Eyes down!

1. You’re out for a walk in a country park. Do you –

a) Enjoy the scenery, thinking how the hero and heroine in your WIP could fall in love over a picnic?

b) Wonder if grass would grow in zero-gravity?

c) Ponder whether you’d describe the scene as verdant, lush, or bucolic?

d) Worry you might come across a dead body swinging from a tree?

2. During a boring meeting do you –

a) Imagine working late with the gorgeous guy opposite?

b) Think how much more you’d get done if robots would go to meetings for you?

c) Take the minutes down as rhyming couplets?

d) Think a pen would make a good weapon?

3. Which movie would you rather see –

a) Sleepless In Seattle?

b) Star Trek

c) Cyrano De Bergerac

d) Silence of the Lambs

4. What would be your favourite food –

a) An ice cream with two spoons so you could share it with the one you love?

b) Some rehydrated stew and apple-sauce desert?

c) Nectar washed down by a flagon of mead?

d) Liver with fava beans?

5. You’ve won the lottery! What would you do first –

a) Take your significant other on holiday to a secluded beach – after a fabulous wedding, of course?

b) Book a seat on Virgin Galactic?

c) Take a holiday retracing the steps of Byron in Europe?

d) Realise you can afford to pay for that hit-man at last?

6.  Would you like as your epitaph –

a) Beloved ……?

b) Live long and prosper?

c) Left us for those Elyssian fields…?

d) She knew where the bodies were?


Add up your scores and see the results below.

Mostly a)

You are a romantic soul who loves nothing better than a good, old fashioned love story. Whether it be regency, chic-lit or hot and heavy, a love story is where your heart lies.

Mostly b)

Science Fiction is the genre for you. Your imagination takes you to other worlds and planets populated by alien life-forms. Set your novel in the future and you’ll find words flow more easily for you.

Mostly c)

You have the heart and soul of a poet. Fiction might not be for you but if you have to write prose, literary fiction may be where your interests lie.

Mostly d)

You are a sick puppy who loves nothing better than a bit of bloody murder – and the bloodier the better. You may also want to consult a good psychiatrist. Soon.

What did the quiz say about you? Let me know in the comments. And remember, this quiz is 100% scientifically accurate. Ahem.

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